President's Address

President's Address

For those who do not know I have been elected to serve as the Club President for a third term and feel very honoured....

As before I will try and perform this duty in my own unique way.

We first became aware of the news while on a cruise round the Baltic with Terry and Pat Ladlaw and Ken and Jill Watson, our ship was diverted from Stockholm to Helsinki; and I suddenly realized that the three most important President's in the world were now all in the same city.( See Picture Attached)

This brought up the subject of election tampering; so I phoned Robbie Scully who assured me that of the twenty or so people at the meeting some had voted for me and others had abstained (as there was no other candidate) but that I had also received over twenty thousand postal votes, (could this be because of my more liberal views),straight away I checked with Putin but he categorically denied any involvement, but said that Donald and I would make a very good team, and could I put a fiver in his kitty as he was low on stamps.

Seriously I do consider it a privilege and will support all sections of the club and wish you all a great season on and off the pitch.

I hope to start officially at the beer festival and will also try to complete my two years in office.

Dave Rose SNR

The Third most Influential President on the Earth